photograph of a bespoke oak door made in the style of Alexander Thomson or Greek Thomson as he is sometimes known

Our own designs

This the first example of our doors could well fit in the fantasy door category. However, it was inspired by doors and other architectural details of Glasgow's own Alexander "Greek" Thomson. With inlay, painted panels, etched glass and carved decoration, it has to be our most ambitious door to date.
  Mostly we are asked to make a door much like the original would have been. Once this was a door in the Mackintosh church at Queens Cross, but more often it is no more than a copy of one somewhere in the street or in the close. However, I have also tried to create my own designs that could happily fit into a property of circa 1900. photograph of an arts and crafts style oak door by samsons joinery Far and away the most successful of these is the door that was known as "number 18", but its real name is Martin. All of our furniture and architectural joinery is named after the customer for whom it was first made. The two sample doors to the right are other inventions of mine that I hope will also become popular.
photograph of a bespoke Edwardian art nouveaux door photograph of a bespoke oak arts and crafts door by samsons joinery   The next fourteen doors represent my short-lived attempt to produce something like a catalogue of designs. The drawing of number 18 has been removed now that I have finally put two good photographs on the website (the other is at the top of the home page). drawing of a handmade door drawing of a bespoke door picture of an oak door photograph of an oak door drawing of a bespoke door photograph of a handmade door photograph of a handmade door with acid etched glass