Door glazing

At Scottish Doors we take our inspiration primarily from late Victorian and Edwardian doors. This means we especially like leaded glass (often called stained glass, although for the pedants the term is used only of glass that has been painted, i.e. "stained"). However, we can provide acid-etched or sand-blasted glass, clear toughened glass, even double-glazed units, if we absolutely have to. Sadly, we do not have a pattern catalogue of leaded or etched glass designs. That would be too easy. Instead, our artists make one-off pieces, forget to photograph them or take snaps in poor light and throw away or lose the original drawings. So, much of the onus is on you to find the design you want. We can help by going through books with you, although published images are usually of the most fabulous, extraordinary, and over the top. Almost nothing works better than spotting an actual window that you like and taking a photograph. Picture exist in large numbers on the internet, if you have time to trawl. This window of an oak tree started life just that way. The client wanted an oak tree, found one depicted on the internet, and we designed a much more handsome version. Having a window in your house that you wish to match is just about ideal for us. Or you may wish to design the window yourself! This should be the perfect solution. What could be more personal? In practice, however, people often admit to not being artistic. Then there are those with pretentions . . . . Let us say they often are no more than pretentions. Those who do have excellent ideas often need help turning them into a practical glass design. This we are happy to do (and it is less work for us than coming up with a brand new design).
  In time, when I have time (which is another way of saying late 2008), I will put far more images on this website: pictures that I have taken around Glasgow and stolen from books and the internet and drawings that we have done for customers (which will give you an idea of what you might get from us).