Casement windows

Our windows

Our casement windows are made of oak, not tropical hardwood. They take double-glazed units, although our preference is for single glazing. It goes against the grain to add fake muntins or mullions to the windows. For long enough we have railed against the use of glued-on strips of lead on double-glazed windows to fake leaded glass. It is hard, then, to use glued-on strips of oak to fake small panes of glass. But that's building regulations for you. Meant to protect you the customer, but it inadvertently destroys the few remaining craftsmen. We are reduced to thinking of double-glazed windows as money making products, not as things of beauty. And before long, who knows, maybe we'll be fitting uPVC windows in order to pay the bills.
  The oak is finished in an environmentally friendly natural oil varnish that is reputed to last in excess of a decade without requiring so much as a touch up. Although it is a gloss finish, nature will ensure that it is matt within the year.

The cost

An oak casement window set costs about 750, including VAT and delivery in the greater Glasgow area.